Monday, May 17, 2010


Loving on Miss USA (No - not like that!)
I am so glad Miss Michigan won. She's an Arab-American and she was absolutely beautiful last night. I only watched a small portion of the contest, but it was obvious that she was the prettiest one there. I know they vote on a number of attributes before crowning - but the fact that she won as an Arab-American - well, it is just inspiring to me.

Nashville Coupons
Do you live in Middle Tennessee? Well then, go here for daily discounts.

True Blood
Well, everyone talks about this series being amazing, so I gave in and rented the first season from the library. I had a little wager with myself that although everyone keeps telling me my husband looks like Sam Merlotte from the show, that he really didn't and we'd find it out once we started watching. Cue rainy day and several True Blood episodes later - I give. He totally looks like Taylor and his personality is genuine, like my Judge, and so now when I watch it I think "hey, there's my babe on the TV!" I'm really into this series now, and finished the second season (yes, it was a TV watchin' weekend) and want to find someone with HBO to sneak over there and see the third season when it comes out.

The Pleasure of My Company, Steve Martin
Really, really lovely book. I suppose it qualifies as a "novella" vs. a "novel," but whatever it is, it is a pleasant, heartfelt read. I highly suggest it. It is supremely intimate as far as dealing with potentially weighty topics, but the fact that it is Steve Martin writing it, he finds a way to address them in slightly humorous, always reverent ways, and it doesn't devolve into a sordid, saddened mess. God bless you, Steve. (To show you how nerdy I am, I actually wrote him a fan letter after reading it. Do people still write fan letters?)

Janet Evanovich
She has a series of mysteries with main character, Stephanie Plum. They are what I would call, "supermarket novels," meaning you can probably pick them up there with flashy covers and big, bold type, but they are good. The characters are lovable, the mysteries ones you try to solve but just quite can't figure them out until they reveal it at the end, and I hear they're making a movie out of the first one. If you want some funny murder mystery novels in your life, check her out.

Pen Pals
When I was in grade school, they assigned us pen pals from across the globe. I decided to try and find snail mail companionship via the internet since I adore writing letters, and I found a couple sites. Look yourself, if you're interested, just be careful when listing information. Just in case there are crazies out there, be wary. So far, I've received a request from Italy and from Bhutan! Here's one to start with, but there are more out there.

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