Tuesday, August 17, 2010


When my paternal grandfather passed away this past year, we all went out to the family plot in Providence, AL to lay him to rest. I took pictures of a few older graves because I want to do some research on my family, and there was this one grave of an ancestor whom I have always heard of, but really wanted to find out some info on because her name was so odd. Her name was Ruhama Patton. She was a country lady from Providence around the Warrior River in Alabama and her name was RUHAMA. I had seen it once in the family bible, but just couldn't wrap my head around that name.

I decided to look it up and the meaning is even more interesting to me. It means, "one who received the feelings of mercy and pity," or "one who was spared." It comes from Hosea 1. Here's a link to a site I found about the meaning. But here is a YouTube clip of a song named, "Ruhama," and the comments gave me a little more info. It is evidently used as an Ethiopian female name and it is meant as a blessing, if you can trust the commenters.

I'm still doing my research. I love delving into my family's past and trying to figure out who they were. I think the Pattons were in the Walker County area as early as 1820 or so. Fun stuff. Anyone know anything about the name, "Ruhama?"


Aunt B said...

Hey, I have a subscription to Geneology.com. If you want me to look up what they have, let me know. Sometimes they don't have much, but sometimes they have a lot.

Char said...

that is an unsual name. i've never heard it before.