Sunday, September 5, 2010

Girly Football Thoughts

San Jose State v. Alabama (3-48) - Yes, my team was playing San Jose State at home, but they looked amazing. McElroy was solid, and the only incomplete passes he had were two drops by Lacey and Jones (I think it was Jones). The entire team just looked great and they were missing Ingram and Darius. What about that Julio Jones one-handed touchdown catch? Beautiful.

Florida v. Miami (OH) (34-12) - What happened, Florida? Oh my! The entire team looked awful and they couldn't even get the ball off right. I was just so unimpressed and shocked at that unimpression that I don't even know what to say. Perhaps next week will be better for them. The shadow of Tim Tebow seems to be haunting them.

Jacksonville State v. Ole Miss (49-48) - With all the hype surrounding Misoli (am I spelling that right?) and the NCAA banning him then him winning the appeal, I really counted on a heck of a game from Ole Miss. But Jax State, an OHIO VALLEY CONFERENCE team came out and beat them in double overtime. I can't believe it, but I love it - only because it's such a beautiful thing when a school from such a smaller conference comes out and wins like that. (Remember Appalachian State?)

Arkansas State v. Auburn (26-52) - So, everyone is talking about Cam Newton being the second coming for AU and they've already got him lined up for his Heisman. All I have to say is, just wait a second. Yes, he is agile, yes, he can throw. But give the guy a second game OUTSIDE of junior college to see how he'll do against a team that's not Arkansas State. And although AK State isn't terrible - Auburn, where was your defense? 26 points? C'mon. Dyer is awesome and Newton is huge and can play, but you're going to have to bring some D to the table.

LSU v. UNC (30-24) - Another team, another controversy. I believe it was 9 players total that was suspended from UNC and they still put up a really, really good fight against LSU. In fact, the last play was so suspicious, I almost feel UNC could have pulled it out if given a good call at the end. LSU and Les Miles just need to get their act together. Was it bad play calling? No defense? Was UNC just fired up after all they've been through this week? Who knows. But I feel a bit better about facing LSU now that they've had this game.

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Char said...

i didn't see any of the games but i'm glad our tide did well. and auburn too (as long as they are not playing bama)