Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Imagining the Lyric

So Judge and I were supposed to go visit E in Atlanta this weekend and plans just didn't work out. (Brokeness, car, etc.) But we did walk around Saturday during the Sidewalk Film Festival and they were having an open house at the Lyric Theatre. They're renovating the old vaudeville theater and stripping out the asbestos and lead paint and completely restoring the beautiful building. We were honored to walk around in it - I can't wait to see the renovation.

Outside the Lyric on 3rd Avenue North.

Judge walking through the entryway at the Lyric.

I love the ceiling.

The "opera seats" (or that's what I call them) near the stage.

Looking into the balcony from the stage - a stage that has hosted Milton Bearle, Buster Keaton, Mae West, and the Marx Brothers.

Judge on the stage.

I love the curtain.

Exit sign.

Judge took this picture of all the detail.

I just like the light in this picture.

Looking out from the third story of the Lyric to the Alabama Theatre across the street.

A sink in a third story office at the Lyric.

Looking down from the third story balcony.

Love the light in this picture.

Yours truly outside the Lyric Theatre with my belly, "Elizabeth Taylor."

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Char said...

i've never been inside - what beauty and i can't wait to see when they get it restored. so beautiful