Saturday, October 16, 2010

Railroad Park

There's a beautiful, modern & open space a block from our house called Railroad Park. We were lucky enough to have E-rock in town and we walked down and took in a lazy Saturday afternoon. There were people having an outdoor yoga class, dogs everywhere, kids on the various playgrounds, and folks recovering from a local walk-a-thon with a sandwich from the dining car.

Judge and E walking through the park. Notice her poor sprained arm (a result from a neighborhood football game.)

Our fearless duo a little farther ahead. To the left of them was the ongoing yoga class.

A bunch of little dudes were skateboarding and biking the three bowls in the park.

The park has this fabulous water eco-system setup where they have a lake, a wetlands filtration area, and little meandering creeks throughout.

Judge and E on the "You Can Doooo Eeeet," machine on the end of the park near the bread factory.

Judge took a picture of yours truly but only got my belly. So, here's "Elizabeth Taylor," on the elliptical machine or whatever you call it.

A monkey hanging on the bars.

A shot of another part of the water system within the park and the skyline.

The namesake of the park, just a stone's throw away, the railroad. Here is the passenger train pulling in as we walked up the hill in the park. You can just barely see our building in the background.

Looking out over the open expanse of the park from the hill. The cool thing about this area is (or one of the cool things) is that this space used to just be an industrial wasteland. They turned an eyesore into a beautiful meeting place in the heart of the city. We really enjoyed our visit to Railroad Park and look forward to going back again, perhaps on an evening when they show a movie on the big screen.

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