Friday, February 4, 2011

Nursery Additions

We added a few items to our nursery before Lillian was born and I wanted to share them. I wish I had a "before " picture to show you of what the room looked like before my mother got hold of it. I had a hard time imagining it as anything other than a dark room in the back of our loft. Now, it's warm and inviting and I think it's perfect for our little chipmunk.

Here's a diaper wreath my aunt made for us for Lily Fae's shower. She knew I loved books and found all my favorite storybook characters.

I wanted to suspend branches and grapevine from the ceiling intertwined with lights but was afraid it would fall on her in her crib. My mother suggested we set up some limbs in the corner of the room and add twinkle lights. I think it makes the whole room earthy and Lillian sits in the chair when we rock and she stares and stares at it.

The pictures on the bookshelf are of lily pads (from the botanical gardens when Judge and I got married) and of Cahaba lilies, which only grow on the Cahaba River that flows through Birmingham.

I got the idea to hang up a ribbon across one side of the nursery and add old photos of our families, like a clothesline.

Here's a close-up of the photos.

A longer shot, showing the twinkle lights along the wall and my great-grandmother's quilt rack. One side of the clothesline is Taylor's, the other is mine.

Our favorite nursery accessory, of course, is Lillian.

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