Friday, March 4, 2011

Poesy: One of Mine Edition

Wordsworth’s Foreshadowing

You reincarnate yourself before my eyes
Lids flitting and flying in another world,
Your rubbery legs walking as echoed motion
Learned in a previous life.
As I breathe in your angel’s breath,
It exhales a language I decipher
As man’s most basic needs
But it sounds like a creature hiding
Beneath pine straw in the glare of the sun
In the wood. Is there fae here -
A mischievous anima inhabiting your frame?
All I know is you slipped without fins out of me
Covered in parmesan innards, cried
And opened my eyes, broke my heart,
And now, here before me,
I hold your dreaming body and watch you grow
Into this plane, reluctantly shedding the knowledge of another.


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