Saturday, April 2, 2011

Coal Miner's Wedding

Look at this image. It's lovely. Go see more - Joan Maffei on Flickr.

I am attending my cousin's wedding today. He's a coal miner and a bear of a man. He's also a complete sweetheart. I love that I live in town now and can be present for functions such as these.

Don't you wish people still used bouquets like these? ---

(Compliments of Reckless Shots on Flickr) Aren't they romantic? Very verdant and wild and they look so freshly picked. Chance (my cousin) works with my father, who is also a coal miner. I see images of coal miners on television on the new show "Coal" and it gives me the willies. Even though the mine they both work in is bigger and better regulated than the one they feature on the show, I worry about them being underground. I know people who have died underground after just the smallest mistake, and I pray each day that Dad comes back home safely. Luckily, after working there for decades, my father has put in for a transfer, ABOVE GROUND. He would run machines up top of the mine and would see the sunshine during the day. We're still waiting for it to be confirmed, but I told ole Dad that if he gets the job, I'm throwing him a party.

I am so thankful for my father. He has always been willing to do anything for our family, and I love him more than I can even say.

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