Saturday, May 21, 2011


My parents have just bought tickets for the Bama Rising benefit for tornado victims. It makes me smile, because I think of them as twenty-somethings when I think of their love for Alabama the band. They used to go to a club on Morris Avenue to see them even before they had the name 'Alabama.' They saw them at the Harvest Jam in Brewton, Alabama and I've always loved their keepsake t-shirt from this event. This band is romantic for me because it means the love my parents have shared over the years and their fun jaunts as a young married couple before I was born. Plus, the band is ALABAMA, as I heard it said once, the "Beatles of country music," and they're from just an hour or so from my hometown. Love them. And this song makes me think of Taylor, because it sounds like a song he would write. It breaks my heart with its honesty and sweet melody.

Here's to my beautiful and supportive and amazing parents. I couldn't have asked for a better pair of folks to raise me.

And this one is for MamaSue and Susan and for the denim jacket decorated for Willie Nelson that was stolen at a party. May the person that stole that bejeweled rhinestone jacket feel terrible, because who steals a Willie Nelson jacket? Animals! But I love the floating heads of the Alabama members who come in and talk about their love for the Red-Headed Stranger.

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Anonymous said...

What a sweet tribute to your parents. I LOVE "Why Lady Why"--it's such a beautiful song.

I'm glad I read this today, because it brings back some good memories. The first concert I can ever remember going to was an Alabama concert--my father worked for WZZK when I was young (something to do with promotions/ad sales), and my mother and I would accompany him to shows and county fairs to see musicians like Alabama, Reba, Charley Pride, and Lee Greenwood. Good times.