Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Four Questions with Carter King of the Futurebirds

4 Questions with Carter King of the Futurebirds, a band from Athens, Georgia who will be appearing at Secret Stages. They are scheduled to appear Saturday night, May 14th at 11:30 PM on the Outdoor Stage.

  • Lame question, but I have to ask: How do you describe your music? You know, Rachel, it's this kind of lazy journalism that really ticks me off. Describing music, by definition, is your job, not mine, and I don't plan on doing it here for you now. I have enough of other people's jobs to do as it is. Just kidding. How about, psychedelic-partridge-
    family-style-harmonious-and-chivalrous-movie-theater-butter-alt-country-popcorn with extra sprinkles. and chocolate syrup.
  • How have you been dealing with the “digital revolution” and its effect on music and art? Has it helped or hurt you? Hard to say on this one. Without the whole pirating music thing we'd probably either be millionaires or working other jobs by now. But things are the way they are, so you really just have to embrace it and use this monster to your advantage. If someone who wouldn't have paid for your music in the first place buys a $15 ticket to your show because they got your music for free, then it actually works in your favor. So i guess we'll wait til we're selling out venues everywhere we go to start fighting music piracy. But, by then the whole business will probably have been turned on its face again, so...
  • What are your plans for this year?  The tentative plans for the year are to tour hard as we can, find some time in there to record another album, and sign an exclusive deal with Wal-Mart with the possible back-end option for a fragrance down the line. just like Tim McGraw.
  • What do you hope to accomplish by performing at Secret Stages? We hope to have fun, be safe, learn a new skill, and make new friends. 

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