Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Alabama Outdoor Offerings

I'm dreaming of vacation. It's been so long since I've actually been on vacation that I don't remember what it was. Seriously. My mother mentioned going to Lake Martin/Wind Creek/Kowaliga and it sounds lovely. I haven't been since I was a wee kid.

Here's Hank Sr.'s song Kaw-Liga about the cigar store Indian. I think that there is still a wooden statue in the Kowliga Marina convenience store.

One of the cabins in Wind Creek State Park
I went to Wind Creek as a youngster and received a ticket for fishing without a license. I was about five, I think. I was also using a silly bamboo pole. My dad was furious at the park officer. Who gives a five year old a ticket? Haha.

Here's a listing of where to stay within Alabama State Parks. It's a great list. Alabama really does have superb outdoor places to play.

I also want to go visit the Dismals Canyon Conservatory. My parents went and said it was unbelievable, like going to mossy fairy land.

They have insects there that are only in a few places around the world and they light up at night. You can take an evening guided tour so you can see them. Glow worms! You can rent cabins there too.

And of course, there is Cheaha - Judge's favorite place in the world. It's a mountain in Alabama with cute cabins and chalets and you can hike all around. It's absolutely gorgeous and completely quiet.

Doesn't this look like a hobbit house?
You can check out Cheaha's weather and view through the ABC 33/40 webcam.

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oh can see the statue when you go to the boat house at kowliga