Friday, June 3, 2011

The Stars Have Aligned

Those who know me know I have a weakness for checking my horoscopes. I just like the planets and the thought that they can affect us. I love this horoscope for yesterday -

Under this influence your attention turns to the larger issues in your life, and you will spend some time considering your overall plans for the future. Your hopes and wishes are much more important today, for the daily concerns of your life do not seem to satisfy your desire for significance. Today it is not enough to meet the demands of the day; you want to understand how they fit into an overall pattern. Being clear about what you want out of life will help you greatly in your dealings with other people. This is a very favorable time for all business negotiations, commercial transactions and contract discussions. It is also favorable for dealings with the law. And all of this is because of your self- understanding today, helped by a certain generosity of feeling toward others.

This is significant to me because we finally found our car! I'm glad it was a good day for contracts, because I signed one. It has been such a long process, and we have a couple of minor repairs left for it, but for now, I'm riding high. I have a cheesy tendency to name my cars (the past few have been Millie, my high school ride named after a Phish song, Dottie, for Dorothy Parker, and the van is Casper the Dirty Eggplant) and as soon as I figure one out, I'll let you know. Here is a picture of the make and model of our new car:

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