Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dear Earth's Best,

You are the go-to organic brand in most stores. Since my little girl is starting solids and I wasn't prepared to make my own yet (I wanted to get a few supplies first) I picked up a few jars of food and your brown rice cereal. There is nothing mentioned about having dairy or soy within these products, but soon she started breaking out. And crying. She's been irritable for five days now.

After doing a little research on the internet, I found that you use soy lectin to bind your vitamin compounds to the cereal and veggies and fruit. I believe that she has a dairy ans soy allergy, which a lot of kids do, and your products have made her first eating experience tough. Why? Because it isn't labeled on the packages.

There is no mention of dairy or soy on the label. Thank goodness for Happy Bellies, which clearly states, NO DAIRY. NO SOY. on the label.

You are fired. That is all.



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