Sunday, October 21, 2012

Dear Elizabeth Taylor,

It's been so long, so long since we've talked through letters.

My life has changed so much, and I am humbled by the work it takes to have a little (big) one such as you.

I put in the mix I made for us before you were born. It was supposed to be my "hospital mix" to greet you into the world but when it was time to greet you I was in full swing of delivery and the music was forgotten. Now it is a reminder of that time, and of the subtle hint of you, of your personality. We drove through McCalla singing and drumming drums to Chicago, (the band of course), Kris Kristofferson, some random ragtime music, and I was moved to tears. It seems it takes only that these days.

You are almost two. It is insane you walk down the steps alone. You speak clearly and communicate exactly what you want and I am in awe. You are pure rock and roll with your dancing and sentiment and I am slain by your commitment. You write music with every move you make.

You are asleep on our bed and I almost want to wake you, just to say,


Thanks for changing my life.

Thanks for loving the way that you do - for singing alone in the back seat, for smiling mischievously, for never really falling asleep. For loving Chicago and the Rolling Stones.



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