Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Poesy: It's Been a Long Time, But It's One of Mine (Edition)

An unedited poem of mine. It needs work, but here goes anyway:


Baffled of the ephemeral Time and Space,
I shun them, laugh it off.
I avoid their glances and pretend the stars
are simply decoration, and a watch,
merely for appointment-keeping.
There is no comprehension,
only fear
at the enormity of a thing
able to swallow me up
and disappear into the universe,
small as a pebble, quiet as the wind.
Perhaps I am afraid it will bully me,
and call me names in my non-scienceness.
Leave me for dead on a planet exploding,
or left to drift ageless in lack of oxygen
through the black night forever cloaked in stars.

In truth and secret,
I revere it. From afar.
I add asterisks when not needed
and count seconds in velvet-toned sweetness,
lining them up in my pockets
where I can feel the edges of their numerals,
their infinite tick-tocking
against the pads of my fingers.
I place memories besides other memories
in visual remembrance of dates we spent together.
I watch my child grow quickly, time lengthening her feet
and the curls of her tri-colored hair.

Please don't forget me, Space and Time,
Please don't forsake my stuffed-language self.
I am a babe, an unversed scientist, a girl scared
of the immensity of the dark.
I respect your steel claws and physics
and hope, when the day comes,
you will treat me kindly.


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