Thursday, July 17, 2008

William Hanging Out in East Nashville

William Hanging Out in East Nashville
Originally uploaded by Jett Loe

If you're ever at the Alley Cat, check out this cat. Ha, ha, that was suppose to be funny. Anyway, William is a treat. He will tell you that he's an alien, or is it that he's just 100+ years old, I can't remember. Whatever he claims, I'll believe. He's that kind of guy. I like when he wears his suit out. The man can rock a suit.

I like the way he's sitting here. It's as if he's about to launch into a story, one with lots of finger pointing to the stars and a twinkle in his eye.

Thanks for being William, William, and thanks to Jett Loe for taking this picture.

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Jett Loe said...

Thanks for using the photo :)

+ I've seen William around, but only spoken to him once, (while taking this pic). A fascinating guy - and an example of a certain kind of mental illness that allows one to function in the world yet at the same time hold extravagant thoughts and conceptions that, while not literally true, contain important pointers as to the nature of things.

Keep up the blogging! (and if ya want to hear movie reviews from a Nashville perspective you could do worse than check out my podcast! :)

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