Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Colorful Prague

colorful Prague
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I've been talking with LC (and no, that's not the girl on the Hills, or whatever that show is) about going to Europe and just happened to stumble upon this gorgeous photo of Prague.

Once I thought about teaching English there as a way to finance my dream of European travel. My mentor at the time (he has since passed away), Fred Bonnie, told me there was a surge of literature and ex-pats and cheap food. That was 1995, and I'm sure it's changed, but I still long for it, though I know nothing about it.

Once there was this Czech kid who was playing hockey in Birmingham with me named Petr and on our first date he grabbed my hand and stared at me full in the face and said he was in love with me. We had known each other for about 30 minutes.

That was our last date.

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