Wednesday, August 27, 2008


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I like the lines in this photo. I know that's the obvious point of this picture, but I love them. I also like that she seems inappropriately dressed for walking down train tracks.

Nashville doesn't have passenger trains anymore. None come in or leave out of the city. Only freighters. Personally, I think that is so stupid. We have a gorgeous Union Station but they just converted it to a luxury hotel and tore down the train shed. The train shed was an architectural gem and over a hundred years old. Then again, the people of Nashville also wanted to tear down the Ryman Auditorium too, so they're not really good at preservation.

I think Judge and I are going to talk to the folks at Amtrak and see how much it would cost to tour via train. We could leave out of Birmingham, Atlanta, or Memphis, and it would solve our car dilemma.

I love trains.

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