Friday, August 29, 2008

Roll Tide Roll

Paul "Bear" Bryant Monument at Elmwood Cemetery, Birmingham AL
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So, it's that time.

It's that time when my family gathers in front of the television and watches college football, and it's so much fun.

I grew up thinking Bear Bryant was a God. Or at least one of the apostles. I was four when he died, but I remember that day vividly, and everyone in my household, I mean everyone, cried and fell into a deep, dark depression for weeks.

I love college football. And I love watching guys red and white run up and down the field. I even yell at the TV. No lie.

Sue me, I'm a redneck. But at least I have the pedigree - From Alabama, a real coal miner's daughter, and bad teeth.

It's ok, I wear it proudly. And if you think I don't, I'll just go hillbilly on you and beat you up. It's what we do.

I love being from Alabama, no matter what anyone says. It's the best place in the world. Seriously.

No, really.

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