Friday, September 5, 2008

I Have Crushes On

Cold War Kids


handclaps in songs.

Is there anyone out there who knows of songs with handclaps that they love? Possibly a stupid question, but I really do dig the handclap as a musical device.

Seriously. Email or comment if you have any that stand out to you.


Pearlman said...
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Pearlman said...

beatles were really into handclaps ;)

Miz Cricket said...

The Maldives are my new favorite band this week. There's a live version of "By the Wind Sailor" which either with handclaps or perhaps someone in the studio clogging, I'm not exactly sure which. You can download the song on their MySpace.

Also, I didn't realize both Joiners wer writing somewhere online. Now I have yet another way to procrastinate. Hurrah!