Friday, September 5, 2008

Day of the Dead

How to Conduct a One-day Conference on Death Education
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This photo reminds me of the skeletons you always see around the Day of the Dead.

It also reminds me of how Franne makes these doll head art boxes, and she buys baby dolls at thrift stores and flea markets and takes the head off the body and paints them. They're beautiful and creepy - but the creepiest part is when one of her dogs gets ahold of the unused body parts and carry it in their mouths and leave it around her house, sometimes just a leg, or a piece of an action figure, and all of a sudden you're looking at a dismembered baby doll.

But dolls creep me out. Especially the ones with the eyes that open and close when you move them around and sometimes they don't close or open at the same time, so one eye will be all skewed and lazy.

E-rock's not a baby doll kid. She likes her stuffed animals. Good for her, I say. I inherited my cousin Hare's Barbie collection when I was young (she gave it up when she hit middle school, but I was five years younger and a perfect age to want a Barbie Dreamhouse) and I played with it and my brother's GI Joes. They all got buried in the dirt in the backyard just the same, the Barbie's just had hair.

My bro and I had a good time together when we were young (nothing's changed, I just have striking, fond memories of our playtime days) out in the yard, using that famous kiddish imagination we all have at one point in time but lose, and although we went through a rough patch when I was in the terrible junior high phase, we've always been soulmates who can easily talk and confide in each other.

I love you, T-Bro!

This post was brought to you by Beefaroni, the official lunch break nom of Cabbage. Yes, it's kind of ew.

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