Friday, September 5, 2008

To Booger Holler or Not to Booger Holler

Booger Holler
Originally uploaded by andy.gill93

Not sure what the weekend holds, but as I continue on my lunch break, I'm pondering the options.

Either we'll hit the road bound for North Georgia, hence the above picture of the "Booger Holler" convenience store (yes, we've bought gas there). Or we'll stay here because the car is still pretty much defunct and we're too broke to get a new one. If we go, a car will have to be rented (we're pretty tight, monentarily), if we stay, well, we'll feel bad for not being able to have reliable transportation to see El and we'll miss our time with her.

It's rainy and pleasant outside. I just need to buy another Powerball ticket to help with this car situation. Bad credit can kill you in times like these, and I am suffering from a bout of credit-card-past flu.


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