Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cabbage and Ralph Waldo Emerson

Cabbage and Ralph Waldo Emerson
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This is our scarecrow.

We made him last night after we planted the first portion of our garden.

His name is Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Since we live in a house and yard infested with wrens, starlings, robins, sparrows, and mockingbirds, I am hoping Ralph Waldo will come in handy.

I like his ribbons. I also think he kind of looks like Franne Lee.

I am in love with our garden. I hope I didn't plant anything too early. I am terrified they are all going to die.

Help them, Ralph! Give them strength!


Char said...

how cute!! and of course I love the name because I love all things Emerson and Thoreau.

Georgia B. said...

that's awesome! love it!

some day i will have a garden.
this year i will start with herbs in pots.