Friday, March 12, 2010

Poesy: Another One of Mine Edition

No Rest

Blurred in black-and-white,
two girls hang suspended
over yuppie converse.
The coffee shop is loud, bustling
with fellows at 9:30AM
who do not use an office for work
but meet here beneath the gaze
of the two photographed children
in a field without color.
The coffee grinds and combines
with warm milk, frothy, expanded milk
whipped up for patrons
who bark plans over cell phones
or to their cross-table company.
The young girls stare
over the heads of the new leisure class
and they will stare
until the artist’s exhibit ends,
perhaps a month,
and those two barefoot, serene children
will breathe in relief,
bored from the conversation assault,
thankful for the sudden quiet
the coffee shop never supplied.


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