Friday, March 12, 2010


Erik Satie
Seriously - I can’t get enough of this man. His quiet, sparse piano pieces stop me - whatever I am doing - and still me inside, waiting on his next note. There is something so blue and unexpected about his work, and it inspires me and urges me to attempt the creative. It also aids me in sleep, ushering me onto dreams.

Tea Chings: The Tea and Herb Companion, Ron Rubin and Stuart Avery Gold
I have been researching tea lately, and this book, written by the “ministers” of the Republic of Tea franchise, is a fantastic reference book. It goes through the types of tea, the processing of each variety, and how to drink them. Intimate and fascinating.

Releasing a Rocking Sophomore Album
Really, truly, this time it feels different. We put a lot of effort into this last recording, and had such a wonderful team assembled to pull it off. Recorded by Grammy-winning engineer, Eric McConnell, who has worked with the likes of Loretta Lynn, Jack White, and Todd Snider, he did a masterful job. Check it out on our Joinerhouse website.

In the past month I’ve made massaman curry and chicken parmesan better than any restaurant recipe I’ve ever eaten. I love cooking, and doing it with Judge makes it all the better.

Nick Stahl
I watched Carnivale, the now defunct 2-season series on HBO, and became obsessed with Nick Stahl. I checked out everything he has done and is available at the library (which surprisingly is a lot of material) and I adore him. Look him up - he’s a fantastic actor and soooooo dreamy. Not many dudes in Hollywood make me say the word dreamy, but he and Paul Schneider are the only ones. Sigh.

The Chris Crofton Show
Irreverent. Funny. Nashville. Love it!

The Living Reed, Pearl S. Buck
A novel set in Korea in the late 19th century. I am always amazed at Ms. Buck’s ability to transform her prose into the culture she is representing in her story. A magnificent tale, and it explains how the United States became involved in Korea’s history. Check it out.

Since Today is a Rainy Day, Here are Rainy Day Date Ideas:
This site has a great list of things to do when it’s rainy out. I want to take their advice tonight.

Otis Redding, You Don’t Miss Your Water
Judge and I used to cover this song. This is the quintessential version. He makes me want to cry, dance, and scream. I love you, Otis

The word: THICKET
a thick or dense growth of shrubs, bushes, or small trees; a thick coppice.
I have a relative that wrote a book called, This Green Thicket World about settling the Warrior River area west of Birmingham.

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