Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mixed Tape of Morning Jams

It's funny - for a while I've been pretty bored with music. Sounds lame, but nothing has really moved me and I've just kept the stereo off. Perhaps it is the growing person inside me wanting a soundtrack or something because I've gone crazy with looking up music that used to bring me to tears or make me move around the room. I can't stop finding videos on You Tube, so I'm just going to catalog some of my favorites here. I look up one song and find another, and then another, and it's been a pretty fun game. These are all pretty sentimental, so please forgive me.

Love this song, Father and Son. Love Loudon Wainwright.

Homeless by Loudon Wainwright III: He's just great. Funny and sad.

In Spite of Ourselves, John Prine & Iris DeMent: This song is just so wonderful, even if it was written for a movie. It reminds me of being at Bean Haven in White Salmon, Washington. This goes out to Elena and Kevin in the sweet little farmhouse.

Brokedown Palace, Grateful Dead: I used to "hate" the Grateful Dead. (I also used to not like Neil Young - just ask Andi Lucia about it.) But I grew up and realized what I was missing due to youthful ignorance.

I Believe in You, Neil Young: After the Gold Rush was the first album of Neil Young's that I got into. It's just flawless - the whole thing. I wish I could meet the man one day.

Columbine, Townes van Zandt: Townes was my college soundtrack, or part of it. When I hear this song I think about being a melancholy, recently emancipated young girl, living alone, writing poetry, believing in everything. And sometimes I miss the idealism of that girl, but I know she's been incorporated somewhere inside me with all the other versions of myself.

The Very Thought of You, Billie Holiday: Her voice is so magical. Except for the drinking and drugs, the woman is my hero. I wish I could sing this distinctively. When you hear Billie, you KNOW it's Billie.

She's a Jar, Wilco: You know, this band can do no wrong with me. There's something about them - I don't know. But I believe that Summerteeth is one of the most underrated albums of all time. It was stolen from my car at one point and I never replaced it. Should have. Would listen to it on repeat right now.

Muzzle of Bees, Wilco: Another one, because I love them so. I LOVE the distorted guitar in this toward the middle. Soooo good.

Hey There Mrs. Lovely, Ryan Adams: Continuing my alternative country jag, here's the poster child. I have always loved this song. I'm not sure who the people are in this video, but this version of the song is the best version. He recorded it later and put it out on an EP but the harmonies on it are pretty terrible, so I want to post this one.

Magnolia, J.J. Cale: He's so fabulous. Our friend Casey told us once he thought he was living in a van in the Opry Mills Mall Parking lot. Whether that was true or not, I could somehow imagine it. I kind of hate what Eric Clapton did to his music, but I'm sure he appreciates the royalty checks.

Manhattan Island Serenade, Leon Russell: Great hair and beard, huh? Another Oklahoma musician. "Messed up inside and it's been raining all day."

Clair de Lune, Debussy, played by Van Cliburn: And some real piano goodness to end this endless mixed tape post of Rachel's nostalgia! I sincerely want to dance around the room with scarves (in a sort of rhythmic gymnast kind of way) when I hear this.


Char said...

i hated neil for many years just because he put the south down. then i discovered i could divorce the artist (sometimes) from the personal. he is a brilliant writer.

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