Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Lillian and I were reading poetry today and came across this one in our volume of Persian Sufi Poetry called The Drunken Universe.

The Spilled Cup

The Universe: His wine cellar;
the atom's heart: His measuring cup.
Intellect is drunk, earth drunk, sky drunk
heaven perplexed with Him, restlessly seeking,
Love in its heart, hoping at least
for a single whiff of the fragrance
of that wine, that clear wine the angels drank
from that immaterial pot, a sip of the dregs-
the rest poured out upon the dust;
one sip, and the Elements whirl in drunken dance
falling now into the water, now in blazing fire.
And from the smell of that spilled cup
man rises from the dust and soars to heaven.

- Mahmud Shabestari

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