Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tomo and Edie

Rachel M. came to visit us in Birmingham and brought Lil the cutest outfits and accessories. They're all from Tomo & Edie, who makes kimonos and they are amazing. So soft! So easy to change her diaper! So adorable! They have seams on the outside so not to rub or bother your little one. They're organic and dyed naturally. And, the dyes all have a significance like, "good health" or "good fortune." Here is Lil modeling her two kimonos she received from the greatest ladyfriend in the world, my own personal Rachel:
Kusakizome Kimono - Indigo: to protect her from harm

Organic Short Kimono

I call her "Luke Skywalker" when she wears this  
She also gave her a hair barrette made from a kimono and me a hair tie made from one as well. Visit their shop and purchase it today.

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