Tuesday, September 9, 2008

All Along the Watertank, Waiting For a Train

"Sundown Express" by Gerald Schwartz.

My lunch break time is running out, but I looked through my email quickly before returning to the hum drum of office life and found this painting staring back at me in my inbox. I receive alerts each day with new art from a couple different sites, this one being Daily Painters. I don't know if you've ever subscribed to one of these, but it is truly wonderful to get art in your email inbox everyday.

But seeing how Judge wrote a letter to Amtrak yesterday about sponsoring our tour, it seemed serendipitious to me to post it. Plus, it's nice. I pulled my post that I wrote yesterday about Amtrak because I'm noticing something in my writing that I'm trying to fix, and it was better for me to just get rid of the previous entry.

I found my old blog with notes from the New Orleans trip, as mentioned in the previous nixed entry, and reread all of it. There was some good stuff in there, but there was also a lot of negativity. I didn't necessarily mean to be negative, but there was an air of it all over the blog. It frustrated me to read over it and feel like I wasn't getting the point across that I knew I felt at the time, and instead it came off as irritated or complaining.

That's why the Judge is my editor. He calls me out on things like that.

Now, I really have to work.

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